Wednesday, March 4, 2015

House of Gold

(Tonight I am very sleepy so I shall copy the facebook post of Felicia:
the words in brackets are mine, the rest are hers)

House of Gold
by Felicia Lim

You will find 'gold' around this beautiful house of Loo  
Deco credit to Mr Tay.

Flower pot & rocks are gold in colour!

heart emoticon this corner of pink cushions & water lilies, and 2 golden pots. They were actually clay pots but turn golden during CNY!

 (Me and Felicia)
  One will feel 'rich' as he stepped into this cosy house.

Even the garden chairs are painted in gold! You feel like royalty.

 (my Plain Sailing boat of bamboo plants from last year...I added the old men figurines from Sungai Buloh
Felicia said that we were like the old men, always yakking.
Till we turn to stone or clay.....)
 (Feli posing with the beautiful orchids)

( I created this seat with the love knot hanging for her and her husband, 
but he was away working, 
so we took photos together)
 With the host's handsome son on the right & relatives from Kepong & Penang

Teapot of ♥

 TQ so much Loo Mkeun for this very special gift.
                               A teapot so precious to you and yet you are willing to part with it.
                                              Will definitely treasure & take good care of it.

(I was quite tickled that she dubbed the house HOUSE OF GOLD...hehe)  bye, good night!
All the above pictures are Felicia's.

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