Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sister Club

The Sister Club Signing ceremony was held at the main station, no less!!!

how a ceremony could be held at a station boggled our minds, but it went quite well!!! In fact it was quite well organised and the event impressed us!

 For a start, I got to sit in the hot seat next to the 2 presidents and the other secretary!

 It was a total surprise to me!!! When they prepared the seats and then called my name, I was like "HUH???" hahaha!!!
 I had to look at the place tag to make sure!!! I wasn't prepared!!!
 then, I was in a frenzy of photo taking, posing with my name tag, hehehe!!!!

Luckily I was formally dressed, even though in the morning we had a visit to the park, we were told to be dressed formally for the occasion and this was my most versatile get-up..from park walk to board walk, I added the official "light up" scarf and a black throw-on later.
we visited Shilin Park, the official residence of Chiang Kai Shek and his wife, Soong Mei Ling earlier in the morning.
 then prez nudged me, look ahead, reporters are taking our ohotos....hehehe!!!!

so I put down my card and looked ahead to pose for a barrage of photo and press shoots
 luckily I understood all the mandarin speeches and announcements and could look intelligent

witnessing the signing ceremony and having our historic moment recorded by the press and other photographers.

An experience to remember!!

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