Friday, March 13, 2015

Hot Spring in Taitung

on our way to Master Bear resort we stopped at a hot spring for some good old fashioned soak in Mother Nature's bountiful hot water that springs eternal from an underground source 
if you bring your swimming suit and towels you can soak free here
free hot spring for anyone strolling in.. just bring your own towels and swim gear
otherwise you can rent one of these rustic looking rough hewn stone bath houses which are fully equipped with cold water hair dryer Siao shampoo dispenser water dipper stools shoe rack etched for a comfortable hot soak experience 
you pay only $100 T each for this unique hot tub he is drawing the bath and preparing the water for our soak .. note the hot water tap from the natural source 
soon our clothes and our inhibitions will come off 

and all our worries will be washed away by the hot water ... unlike in Japan where you have to be naked among strangers with only a tiny piece of towel to hide your face for anonymity! In Taiwan we had  lots of privacy here with  closed doors hahaha!! 
so remember to come to this hot spring  for the most memorable experience outside of Japan.

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