Friday, April 25, 2014

Baby Shower gone awry

Last year in my Lower Six class we had a married student
And she was pregnant
So to introduce them to some western culture, we threw her a baby shower
It was intended to spice up English lessons beyond the classroom

Jennifer Love Hewitt throws a baby shower
Roselyn Sanchez's baby shower
Kate was also pregnant at that time and she also had a baby shower
This is our baby shower in class after our normal lesson 
 Shuh Wen and the girls had prepared all the gifts and food
My contribution was a graduation teddy, we will be there for her till her baby graduates!
 among her shower of gifts: tiny baby vests, milk bottle, booties, mittens, baby towels....stuff like that
Fiza who had transferred made the trip back to celebrate her shower
Atiqah's mum even baked a cake
It was Hari Raya and there were lots of cookies and goodies
Shuh Wen even ordered RM100 worth of pizzas out of her own pocket money 
She had the mummy-to-be's favourite order of Hawaiaan chicken
when it was time for food, the boys made a beeline and attacked the pizzas
 they ate all the Hawaiian because they were on the top of the pile
 hmmmm delicious!!! They fisnished up all the boxes of Hawaiaan pizza..
the girls enjoyed it too!!...all this while, the mummy was sulking in her corner...Tears were seen rolling down her cheeks!
then she left in a huff!
She packed her bag, got her motorbike keys, kicked the table and left!
She left all her presents behind!!!
We were shocked, nonplussed, we looked at each other in disbelief, then we continued with the food and cut the cake made specially for her.
Shuh Wen solved the mystery by telling us that she had wanted Hawaiian pizza,
 but the boys beat her to it and there was none left. Except for the other flavours like
 Beef Pepperoni, and BBQ chicken,
 but no, she had to have Hawaiian. 
 Maybe she had a craving?
 But still, the party was for her, the shower was for her baby, but to throw a fit and a tantrum and to walk out of her own party?????

That evening, she texted Shuh Wen: "Shuh Wen I'm so sorry,but  they are too much! They want to eat, they just started to eat and carried on eating, walloping all the pizzas, even the teacher, they did not invite her to eat first, they ate first.  So, the party is not to celebrate me, but just for them only, Have fun......I am totally disappointed"

 To Fara: "Fara, I felt the party was not for me, but for them, I did not feel part of them, like I was completely not involved.  So you all have fun among yourselves, with your good firends, Have fun, I feel so cut off!!"

 Fara gave her a piece of her mind: "Before this, you have to understand the party is for you as much as it is for us. We took the trouble to plan it, buy presents for your baby, got the food. To make you happy, Lat, last, what do we get? You completely do not appreciate our effort, because of the pizza you become so emo, for what? Do you know, the teacher, Shuh Wen, me,  all of us, are sad with your attitude , be more mature, it won't hurt if you do not get to eat the pizza that you want, Please, think and reflect what you have done to spoil the party......"

For me? the presents are for me? No lah, not for me, but for all of you!! You did not let me open the presents, You all opened half the presents then you gave them to me, who is the one not matured? Me.? Not you all? Even the teacher you all did not invite to eat first!!! I am the one not mature enough? Please la, think first before you speak!!!

Shuh Wen and J Mummy
So that is the story of our baby shower that went awry
and so much for my dose of western culture.

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