Tuesday, April 15, 2014

MBS Combined Board's Day 2014

It seemed like only yesterday I had to fetch my daughter to and from this school for CBD
and now it is here again....
The awesome pic taken by Guna of MBS hall facade

Badge of CBD 2014
Plague for teachers
Prefects lining to recieve guests, I do miss this hehe!
the badge with a cross in the centre!
My friend, Pn Gan looking cute and adorable!
Young leaders from other school arrive, smartly dressed
Purple blazers make them stand out, right? Goodbye to boring, staidly black
some ex student done good..

Principal giving his address

Keng Kuan and Chun Kit will be the last 2 boys on my FB, subsequently I do not know any more boys from MBS....
 waiting for the wet war games to start

the board for signing in
there she is, looking younger than her 16 years
her big name
her name and school
time for ice breaking
 Teamwork makes the dream work : this year's theme
smiling faces of future leaders
leadership in action

Time for tea break
Yummy delicious food by uncle...
Do you miss this canteen? I used to hate the stifling heat of the underground canteen, but now I actually miss it hahaha!
To think I ate here for 8 years.

War games start

You can see the new car park from this view

J in background looking scared....of being doused with water
Resistance is futile!!!
official group photo
unofficial "wet" photo
All pictures courtesy of these two official photographers:

Gunaseelalingam Gopalakrishnan

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