Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thursday April 17, 2014 MYT 3:36:00 AM Karpal Singh dies in car accident

PENANG (April 17): DAP stalwart and Bukit Gelugor MP Karpal Singh and his assistant was killed in an accident at KM306 of the North-South Highway near Gua Tempurung at about 1am.
His son, Ram Karpal was injured in the crash along with an unidentified driver of the Toyota Alphard but both not seriously. However, an Indonesian woman believed to be a maid was critically injured.
Michael Cornelius, the loyal assistant who has been attending to Karpal's needs since he was wheelchair bound in a 2005 accident was also killed. He was 39 years old.
Police identified the Indian national by his travel document C. Selvam Edayatti Pangayam Vellu.
They were on their way to Penang from Kuala Lumpur for a court case when the luxury MPV, according to police, hit the rear of a lorry that was said to be travelling slowly.
Ram, the driver and the maid are being treated at Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital in Ipoh.
The bodies of Karpal and Cornelius have also been sent to the same hospital.
The driver and co-driver of the lorry are being questioned by police.
Among those at the hospital was Penang Chief Minister and DAP secretary general Lim Guan Eng.
Both Karpal's and Cornelius' remains are expected to be taken to the former's home in Georgetown at 3pm today.
Karpal, 74 leaves his wife Gurmit and five children.
Karpal's funeral is expected to take place on Sunday, while plans for Cornelius is still uncertain as his family may want his body to be returned to India for the final rites.
Karpal's son Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo meanwhile tweeted about his father's passing: "With deep regret I announce the passing of my father YB Karpal Singh. Details will follow".
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak meanwhile also conveyed his condolences: "I have just landed at Ankara when I heard the news that YB Karpal Singh died in a road accident . My condolences to the family".
Karpal had stepped down as DAP chairman on March 29 following his conviction for sedition where he was fined RM4,000, and risked losing his seat.
He had become wheelchair bound following an accident in Penang on Jan 28, 2005. 
 DAP leader Karpal Singh died after the vehicle he was travelling in was involved in a crash near Gopeng, Perak on the North-South highway at 1.30am
 In 2005, Karpal was involved in an accident which left him paralysed and wheelchair-bound. He was returning to his home in Penang when a car hit his taxi at the rear.

It was believed that 74-year-old Bukit Gelugor MP was travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Penang to attend a court hearing later in the morning when the accident occurred
 His son Gobind Singh Deo, when contacted, confirmed that Karpal had died on the spot in the accident.
Gobind, who is Puchong MP, added that he was in Kuala Lumpur at the time of incident and will be heading to the accident site.
 Karpal graduated from University of Singapore and started his law practice before becoming a DAP politician in 1978.
 The Toyota Alphard, he was in along with three passengers including his son Ramkarpal, was believed to have collided with a lorry before going out of control

 "My brother Ram is slightly injured but we are trying to get through to him," he said when contacted at 3.30am.
"His assistant Michael (Selvam) was also killed in the accident while the driver is critically injured.
 He recently stepped down as DAP chairman pending his appeal against a sedition charge of uttering seditious words against the Sultan of Perak in 2009.
The impact of the crash at about 1am killed the prominent lawyer and his assistant, C Michael, on the spot. Karpal's son, Ramkarpal, and the car's driver, C Selvam, were injured.
 Passers-by looking at the wreckage after the accident.  - Starpic by SAIFUL BAHRI
The car in which Karpal was travelling in during the crash near Gopeng, Perak. - Starpic by SAIFUL BAHRI
KAMPAR: Bukit Gelugor MP and veteran DAP leader Karpal Singh was killed when the car he was travelling in collided with a five-tonne lorry near Gua Tempurung on the North South Expressway here early Thursday.
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Terkini : Karpal Singh Maut Dalam Kemalangan Jalan Raya
* Kita perlu ketepikan perbezaan politik dan berdoa untuk beliau *
Terkini! Video di lokasi kereta milik Karpal Singh terlibat dengan kemalangan di lebuhraya. Keadaan kereta remuk teruk...
17/4/2014 l/k jam 0100hrs d km 301.6U (Kawasan Gua Tempurung ) 1 kmlg maut melibatkan 1 m/kar MPV Alphard KS 9898 (VIP) langgar bucu sebelah kiri m/ lori WTL9909 yg jalan perlahan d lorong kiri mnyebabkan m/kar Alphard mgalami kerosakan teruk. Terdapat 4 orang penumpang dlm m/kar. 2 mangsa maut d tempat kejadian dan 2 mangsa cedera parah. Butir butir maut - 1) Karpal Singh (pengerusiDAP dan MP Gelugor) dan 2) nama C Selvam edayatti pangayam vellu . Bomba sedang mnyelamatkan mangsa di tmpt kjdian. Keadaan llintas terkwal cuaca baik.

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