Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Cheng Beng 2014 and 2005 AND 1994!

The year is 2005 and Leng is shining the torch for her father

She was a teen and we have got up early to go to the old cemetery
 This is the year 2014, and it is still dark at the new cemetery
Last time, we had to walk among the lallangs and pick our way among the tombstones
searching for the right tomb!
now everything is paved, and arraigned straightly with steps and proper lanes
Leng and her parents in 2005
We are the ones faithfully performing our filial duties, while the rest of the family are Christians.
 Leng and her family in 2014,
 she is married, and this year, after the Beijing trip, 
can manage to do Cheng Beng duty
together with Auntie Guek and Uncle Siang
Last time you had to burn the joss papers by the road side

Now we have urns to burn it in
kneeling among the tall weeds all those years ago
 kneeling on stone

how times have changed, the tombstones look new with marbled and polished faces and gold inscription
 using tablets, smartphones and ipad to take photos!

Can you hear the whizzing sound?
It is the sound of time
It  just whizzed past
That year was 1994, 
April 3rd, Cheng Beng '94
It is now 2014 and the kids in the picture are now 28 and 26
And Uncle Yam is in his late 70s.

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