Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Beijing Bell and Drum Tower

We went to the Bell and Drum Tower and were in time for the drum performance
Address: Gulou Xidajie, Dongcheng District;

Beijing Bell Tower dates way back in the 1700 and was used to tell the time of the day and night.

To get to the tower, you have to climb up these steep steps!!!

It looks as difficult as it appears...dark steep and narrow and never ending!!!

coming down is just as difficult, and you can see Tai Koo very gallantly going up and down by herself, she is way past 80!!!!

 Inside there are drums of all sizes, but these are quite new, certainly not around since 1200
The Drum Tower was built in 1272 during the reign of Kublai Khan,
 the original ones are tattered and torn

 we caught a drum awesome

 what the tower looks like from the outside

bell tower

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