Sunday, April 20, 2014

Plus Operator insulted live because of horrendous jam.

Live and on air....

A Plus(North South Highway) in Malaysia operator is being insulted on air and live on national radio.  A highway user, caught in a horrendous jam that was hardly moving, called a phone-in line and demanded the reason the road was closed.  She said she left at nine and it was 11 and she was still stuck in the jam.  The operator said the road is closed from 9 to 3 a.m. The woman vented her anger and frustration on air with words like "bangsat" (I don't know what that means!) babi (pig said in a derogatory way) and Hokkien swear words like (LC!!!) a part of the male anatomy the penis to be exact!) wish I could use that word as aeffectively as she did!!!

She is angry because she is so kind and considerate as to leave her office at 9 to let the KL people go home first.  She travels from Malacca to KL everyday.  But whether she leaves at 4 or 6 or 9 or 11. she is caught in the jam and reaches home at 3 am no matter what!!!

She is livid!!! She demands they close they road at 3 am when there are less users on the road not at 6 or 9 when people need to get home!! Sounds Reasonable, right?

LC!!! LC!!!! hahaha

Seorang pengguna lebuhraya mengamuk kat operator PLUS sebab jalan jem...

Walaupun bahasa akak ni kasar, betul juga dia kata bayar tol untuk apa?...
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