Friday, April 18, 2014

Family Dinner at New Paris Restaurant 4 April 2014

Before Uncle s went  back on 6 April, we had another dinner at New Paris on a Friday
Well, all of us braved the Friday night traffic to be together for dinner!

  • New Paris Restaurant
  •  We have been here countless times before but we loved the food, so here we are again
     Auntie Guek is still in town too, her daughter had a dinner here many, many moons ago
     I still remember this dish, for its round scooped out water melons, heheh!
     all our dishes, we had two tables
     men in the family, with Uncle S
     all time favourite: salted egg lai liu har (I forgot what the English version is!)
    signature claypot tauhu....and here are my previous New Paris blog posts:

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