Saturday, April 12, 2014

Beijing Organic Lunch

Had an organic lunch at Beijing (I forgot what is the name of the restaurant or where it was..)

 So much food!!!
When we were seated the food started coming one after another

so we took the customary food pictures

and got ready to eat
 but they brought more...and more and MORE!!!!
until it became like this, no more space, so food was put on top of other plates
 some of the food we did not this
 and this dubious looking dried meat that was cut and served and swarmed with some flies
 cutlery looked sterile but when we opened it, they were wet!!!!
 lots of raw vegetables, shredded like goat feed..hahaha!!!
 shredded cabbage piled so high, when you poke it with your chopsticks, down the shards came tumbling...
 crunchy fried dried prawns? shrimps?
 organic unsweetened soya bean that smelled of smoke!

as usual the dumplings were filled with chives or ku chai

when we went to the toilet we saw limpid pools of swamp like peat
was our food sourced from this organic pond/farm??????

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