Sunday, April 13, 2014

My son made pork roast loin for dinner

What's cooking in the kitchen???

 blur pic...
 on closer look, someone is preparing pork loin!
 gave me his killer smile
 pat, pat, pat, reminded me of Sandy with his wonderful roasts
 there....his prepared herbed prime cut of meat ready for the roast
 he even bought the condiments
virgin olive oil, whole rosemary and thyme
(reminds me of the song "Scarborough Fair")

 ginger onions and other unidentifiable spices
 ladies fingers or okra
 fresh salad
 Emelda is on standby
 Mommy is his back up
 Angie is quality control
 deft fingers cutting potatoes..hahaha!!!

 my gourmet kitchen with an island
 he is now actually frying!

 wow!!! done to perfection!!! I was at the party, but he saved a prime cut for me!!!
 so juicy and tender and the delicate flavours are brought out by the herbs!
 try it, it tastes heavenly!!! (Not halal though)
 hmmmmnnn nom nom nom


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