Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Beijing Women and Fashion

While in Beijing you would be curious as to what the ladies wore...

 Black fitting tops with figure hugging leggings and booties
 splash of colour with green top, fuchsia Birkin lookalike and clumpy boots
 brown fur trimmed skimmed jacket with brown boots

 hug backpack...must be a mom
 red coat with spiky heels
 peekaboo back with thigh high boots
 preppy jacket, tiered short skirt and ankle booties
 olive jacket and kller spikes
 fitted top with flared shorts and knee high boots
 the look from the front
 office girls back from office at 5
 they walk briskly and purposefully
 high heeled pumps and chunky heels
 just like any normal office wear
 they are catching the bus
 they also cycle everywhere

 leopard print overkill
 chic look with all white ensemble
 young and slim and an effective llok
 trying to keep up with her partner
 long, business lady like strides in brown boots
 even though she is cleaning the signboard she still looks good
 these heels went clickety clack all over the Beijing Opera house
 edgy look with quilted top and micro mini red skirt
 young adults on a day out
 stripey heels and off white stockings look appealing
pastel colours look good on this wisp of a girl
This one not Beijing girl but Malaysian...I wore only a thin blouse without any jacket and and my line dance boots!

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