Monday, April 14, 2014

Jenny's Costume Party, 12 April 2014

Jenny's Line dance club is 3 years old and this is her Annual Party

The theme is COSTUME and she came as Black Jack
she has three Jacks
she changed into policewoman complete with gun and handcuffs
Her third costume is cowgirl, for a performance
For the first time, Kenny is also performing!
 Mother and daughter...Mum in Taiwan Alishan Kuniang, and daughter is Belle
 Chris in Vietnamese, Sim in tassels and Penny is geisha girl
so sexy in micro mini kimono

Jenny, Winnie and Chris
Janey in the gold toga and headdress is winner of Best Dressed
 I like Jazmine's costume because it had a tail!!!
Linda, my dance teacher in sexy peek a boo lace
Sexy, slim, svelte and tall
My table mate Angela in Bunny with cotton tail and bunny ears
Jan came in roaring 20s, Jazmine in leopard girl, and Sal in pixie Tinkerbell

Adeline and me
We came as ourselves.....

Jazmine taught us a new dance "Mr. Mr." (Korean song) that she choreographed's the youtube....enjoy!!!
My new dance Mr Mr - hope you will enjoy it.
64 count 4 wall - Intermediate level
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