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Penang to give Karpal funeral with state honours

Kar Pa Sin

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 The ceremony, open to the public, will be held at the Dewan Sri Pinang in Light Street on Sunday from 9am to 11am, and his casket will be draped with the Penang flag.It will leave for United Hokkien Cemetery, Batu Gantong, Penang.
"With his passing, the DAP has lost an upstanding and outstanding leader, the nation lost a brilliant legal mind and the people a fearless 'tiger' with an indomitable spirit who stood up for the poor, weak, defenseless and dispossessed.
"He will forever be remembered as a Malaysian patriot who stood valiantly for justice, integrity and freedom without fear or favour," Lim said.
The wake is currently being held at Karpal's residence in 144A, Jalan Utama, 10450 Penangbeginning 3pm Thursday.
 DAP stalwarts
 Tiger of Jelutong no more

Lim Kit Siang hugs Gobind Singh

Samy Vellu
The driver of the lorry involved in the road accident that killed Bukit Gelugor MP has been tested positive for drugs

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Over our dead bodies......

His cortege will leave for Dewan Sri Pinang on Sunday for the state-level funeral before cremation at the Batu Gantong crematorium.
Family members carrying his casket and loading it into the funeral car outside the mortuary at Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun, Perak

Karpal has eight grandson and three granddaughters.

The youngest grandchild is Sahara, 1 1/2 years old.


Aakshay Singh Deo

Rohith Sing Deo

Armaan Singh Deo

Jadyn Jhan Karpal Singh Deo

Kheeshan Karpal Singh Deo

Kayden Karpal Singh Deo

Neshaan Karpal Singh Deo

Johrran Singh Deo

AArya Kaur Sandhu

Zorravvr Singh Sandu

Sahara Kaur Sandu

Wife: Gurmit Kaur

Children: Spouse

Jagdeep Singh Deo: Belindar Bhar

Gobind  Singh Deo: Sangeeta Kaur Sidhu

Ramkarpal Singh

Sangeet Kaur Deo:Dr. Simmrat Singh

Mankarpal Singh Deo

Karpal Singh's sons carry his coffin

PETALING JAYA - The Tiger will take one last journey through the roads of Penang before being laid to rest on Sunday. Xavier Secondary School after which the procession will disperse and the Cortege will head on to the crematorium in Bukit Gantung. Chow explained that the vehicle route starts from Lebuh Farquhar, straight to Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, Jalan Larut, Jalan Burma, Jalan Pangkor, Jalan Perak, Jalan Macalister, Jalan Residensi, Jalan Utama, left to Scotland Road, straight until traffic junction, turn left into Jalan Batu Gantung and finally to the Crematorium at the end of the road where he will be laid to rest.

Karpal's ashes will be scattered in the sea on Monday morning.

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