Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Line Dance Party: Dance for Joy and SS2 Mall

Went to SS2 Mall today (21st December 2014) for my last line dance party for the year.. the SS2 neighbourhood and it is quite a new mall
but sadly, quite unoccupied
which is quite a pity because it looks like a good setting for a dance party
good turnout today! (picture from Kenny Ng)

the backdrop was cheery and there were plenty of doorgifts and lucky draw gifts..

the dance list....
 starts at 12.30 so food first!!! Delicious nasi lemak with chicken rendang!
 pic on stage with Sandy, Agnes and her 2 of her 4 kids
with Fong, Agnes, Sandy, Ann, Jenny Connie...
 from Jenny's group
 As usual we take lots of pics

 and guess who photobombed our picture? hahaha!!! he is so cute
he ran to and fro in front of my iphone 6 with his head tilted in the hope that he is in the pic, which he is!!

 then I went to seek out Ling Ling

 Ling Ling is always vivacious and camera loves her, she loves the camera too!
 Kenny, the gallant male member of our group
met some old friends.......
The next time round, SS2 Mall will be no more..
Note the vacant shop outlets!

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