Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Eating in Seremban 1 : Beef Noodle at Seremban Market

Opposite Sun Luk Yik Hotel is the Pasar Besar Seremban where there is a huge food court on the first floor.  We went in search of beef noodle for lunch.

We did not do research and did not know which was the best beef noodle stall.
And we stopped at the first random shop.

 Uncle Roger had his kopi-0, we had kopi C kosong, and daughter had passion fruit and barley.

dry beef noodle, you have to stir, toss and mix everything up

 wet or soup noodle, all the noodles were this white variety, my husband likes only the yellow noodle from the KL type (the ngau nam meen that he is used to, me too!)
 come, taste my soupy beef noodle (ngau nam meen)

 soup had beef tripe, beef stomach, beef, white noodles and herbs
 we also had beef balls soup
Zene had the beef but left all the tripe!
 Lovely couple opposite Sun Lun Yik hotel
so nice!!! weather was cool and wet!
see the nice tree?
We had such a pleasant time in Seremban!

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