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真 空 祖师 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Chin Kung Temple in Seremban

On 27 December, we went to Seremban to witness the ribbon cutting  of the Ching Kung Temple in Seremban, to be officiated on 28 December, 2014.  Uncle Roger is one of those invited to do the honours.

真 空  Chin Kung, meaning "pure emptiness".

This is the new temple in Seremban, it replaced the old one that was demolished, right on the same spot.





在江西赣南寻乌诞生了一位济世救人的伟大的圣人——空中大道创始人真空祖师,(又名空道、真空教、空中教、拜大伯、空道教,闽南人称为“拜仙伯”或“拜道” 粤人名曰“拜祖师教,客家人称为“拜大伯”或“老祖师”)。 

Uncle Roger is my brother in law, and here we are with his wife, my sis and their eldest daughter and family. I am the unofficial reporter covering the event.
We reached the temple very early and was able to tour the place.
It is situated at a serene, calm and peaceful countryside with lots of greenery,  As you enter the arch, you can see canopies where you can have breakfast and find toilet facilities, the urns of water reminds me of my childhood days at the temple in Kluang with my sister's late mother in law.

Here is the address...
No. 94, Bukit Tembok Seremban, 70300 Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
Tels: 06-7639051
There was a lion dance to welcome guests and dignitaries.

Uncle Roger and VIPs arrive

This woman had a very interesting skirt with sequinned  pictures of Chinese gods.
Thumbs up to her for dressing up to the occasion

Lining up to cut ribbons
she is also one of the invited ones
All ready with ribbons and scissors, the signature colour is purple

fire crackers!!! to add to the merriment

Uncle Roger has his photo and forward address in the souvenir book!

(You can read all about the religion here!)

Then, there was a group pic, and as usual, it was so difficult to get everyon organised, except U Roger!!! I think Zef, (my spelling) his grandson, has his trait: always calm and ready

finally, the group picture, and I am in it!!! I figured since I came all the way, why not be part of it?

this is the way they pray, swing arms back and forth, it has a significant meaning.

  1. Chin Kung - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    It was then that he received the name of Chin Kung, meaning "pure emptiness". ...Second, religious Buddhism, which does not represent the real Buddhism but  ...
The event is wide covered in the major Chinese dailies...
Sin Chew Jit Poh
Nanyang Shang Pau

China Press

I spotted this roasted pig at the altar
And I had a panoramic pic of the praying session

He is donning the robe for the offering and chanting session
and he is the only one to get ready. Ms Low has to take the mike many times to exhort others to come put on the robe to proceed but to no avail!
you can see her here with the robes, but no one comes forward to get dressed

Uncle Roger all ready and prepared.
The next ceremony starts 
 my beautiful sister with her beautful daughter and grandaughter
He serves tea to the devotees and blesses them
his grandkids and me and my family are also bestowed his blessings!!!


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