Friday, December 26, 2014

Xmas Eve 2014

Due to the maid's absence, I have been doing the washing and ironing and talking in my sleep that I have not been updating my blog.....Xmas has come and gone, and it is now Boxing Day (night) and I am at Xmas Eve blogwise...hehehe

Christmas Eve Dinner at my house...
 I took out my Christmas decor late the  night before  because the maid has gone home and did not even set up the tree...oh well, no tree never mind, at least my dinner table looked festive and Christmassy!!!
 Cheers!!!! my family is cosy, I am so glad I have a little girl at  home (not so little any more hehehe) and my younger extension of the family.....look at my big sister's extension below .....looooonnng extension .....,right?
so blessed!!! she and my bro in law has daughters, son, sons-in-laws, and grand kids.....hehehe....hope I can reach this stage one day!!! but...I digress....back to my Chirstmas decor.....

 I got some of the poinsettias and baubles from Small Ah E, and the small Santa is from my nephew in lights up and says "ho ho ho" when you hit it
champagne glasses also from Small Ah E, and my centrepiece now looks festive
got this pair of  his and hers Teddies from a departmental store
 Grumpy Santa (my youngest calls him that name) is a PWP (purchase with purchase from Isetan)
kissing bear (magnets) from Wee Hong who worked at Hallmark. basket looked like it's made for them!

 She was held up by the bad "EVE" home rush traffic and once she reached my kitchen she got down to work immediately!!!
 wow!! she is a fast worker and is so engrossed!!! I left her to handle everything by herself so that I will get in her way....I only set the the table and popped the champagne
 prawns to be steamed
 soup stock boiling
 water cress for the soup pot
 dry curry chicken
 he came back from work and helped her with the finishing touches
 hmmmm....yummy!!!! ommelette, curry, soup, steamed prawns
 steamed prawns with chopped ginger and diced garlic....heavenly
 pork ribs soup with carrots and water cress

 served with steamed rice

 so nice!!! a meaningful and bonding Christmas eve!
Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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