Saturday, December 27, 2014

Sun Lun Yik Hotel In Seremban

 When you are in Seremban, do check out this cute and quaint hotel called "SUN LUN YIK" ..why the funny name? Well, it is actually an original "Rumah Tumpangan" that has been around since 1956 but has been given a modern facelift with refurbishment to make your stay more comfy.

Look for the blue facade at the corner of Jalan Tun Dr Ismail, right opposite the old Seremban wet market (Pasar Besar Seremban)
 Uncle Roger is already here!!! The big, wide spacious staircase with the original wooden balustrades of solid teak? wood intact greets you as you go up to the check in counter.

" heritage-style hotel that maintains the character of the building..." aptly describes this cute come and give it a try!
 "Hotel Sun Lun Yik" has been a feature of Seremban town" is actually a hotel once!!!!

 Availabe parking at the side of the hotel, give the receptionist a ring, and she will come down to help you find a space that they have reserved for you to park.
 It has a bar with hot drinks, beer and of course...cup mee......
 gallery of old photos of the original hotel that dates back to a forgotten era
 my niece, my grand niece, my nephew in law and my grand nephew looking out the window
I can remember this type of window..
most of the old shophouses in Batu Pahat had windows like this on the first floor
a lot of the Malay kampung houses, too, feature this window that lets little children peep out form the bottom banister! It was a nice touch to keep the windows that lent nostalgic character to the hotel

see, we are waving out from the window!!
 Hi!!!!! we are here!!!
 My daughter and sister waiting at the old preserved settee set
 view outside the window
Seremban market behind the trees 
Nice bathroom!

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