Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Seeing off the Taiwanese 2...Sightseeing at Putrajaya

Before sending them to the airport, we managed to squeeze in a spot of sightseeing

 Since Putrajaya is James' home base, we took them to Putrajaya, Malaysia's "Sim City" which is where the airport is.....
 James took us to this tower, which I call the "History Tower" because, as you walk up, you can read Malaysia's history from way back in the 1500 before the Portuguese even came
 but it was a long walk to reach there, so we rested at this.....what? hmmm...jetty
 then we walked was sweltering hot!
 George called this man-made lake....and it made!
Steven is conducting his catering business, by remote control....

 view of the entire tower and the walkway
 the restaurant which is under utilised
 the ladies made a pit-stop,...I got nothing to do so I snapped them
 James said, "come, I will give you a history lesson"
 view from where we were walking, and Sawim the real estate persom asked us to look at the shops under construction
 she can sell you some shoplots if you want, and she is persuading Jim the Taiwanese to invest in one in Putrajaya
 George cams everything
 George has a fishery business in Taiwan, and promised to feed me the freshest fish in Taiper
 Sawim, James and Jim

 view of the bridge and cruise boat

 on the walls of the walkway are written the years...this is 1998 the year of the Commonwealth games
 we have reached the peak
 They are now planning a trip to Taipei
 then we made our descent
It was sweltering hot, did I mention that already?
This is the Farewell committee (I am behind the camera) and the three Taiwanese..

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