Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Eating in Seremban 2 : 97 Anniversary of Ching Kung Lunch: Ming Kok Restaurant

That is the 97 Anniversary of the Ching Kong
and the celebration was held at Restoran Min Kok Seremban

Min Kok was a huge building by itself on a hill
 the big backdrop that showed the temple and the date of the celebration
 the stage
it was filled to capacity, guests came from China and all over the region

 Uncle Roger is escorted to the stage amidst drum roll to give his speech in Chinese

 Then came the presentation ceremony

gong beating

Lunch started with the Four Seasons
Assorted appeitisers and starters

 steam pomfret
 herbal chicken and roast duck
 Nestum prawns
Sharksfin soup...seldom served now

a cake for the occasion

 cake cutting ceremony
vegetarian dish with abalone mushrooms

buns and pancakes
Good celebratory lunch with lots of food, yam seng and banter...

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