Monday, December 1, 2014

Her brother has a voyeuristic fetish...sad!

Michelle Yeoh's half-brother sentenced to five years jail for spying on 1,000 people in toilet

Michelle Yeoh’s (楊紫瓊) half-brother and renown otologist, Dr. Yeoh Lam Hoe (楊林和), was sentenced to five years in prison for videotaping over 1000 people using the toilet.

Dr. Yeoh installed pinhole cameras at hospital restrooms, train toilets across the United Kingdom, as well as the bathroom inside his own house. Between 2011 and 2014, Yeoh filmed colleagues and patients at various hospital restrooms, including St. Anthony’s Hospital in North Cheam, South London.

Only 30 victims have been identified, while 1084 victims remain unknown, reports Jayne Stars. The victims included men, women, as well as children as young as three years old.

Yeoh’s voyeurism would have continued if not for a female colleague who accidentally found a fallen camera in a toilet stall in April.

The police quickly identified the culprit after Yeoh accidentally filmed himself while he was installing the camera in the restroom.

The police seized 23 cameras hidden in pens, watches, and other devices in restrooms that Yeoh used to spy on unaware victims.

Yeoh carefully edited and labeled the videos on his computer to satisfy his voyeuristic fetish.

Yeoh’s female colleagues, some who have worked with him for over ten years, felt disgusted and violated when they found out the 62-year-old doctor has been taping them using the toilet over the past three years.

Pleading guilty in court on November 26, Yeoh was officially charged with several offenses of voyeurism, producing indecent images of children and possession of pornography.

Aside from his five-year prison sentence, Yeoh will have his license suspended for three years.

Born and raised in Malaysia, Yeoh Lam Hoe is actress Michelle Yeoh’s half-brother and shares the same father. Yeoh Lam Hoe immigrated to England when he was 25 to pursue his medical career, becoming a prominent consultant at the National Health Service.

A renown hearing specialist, Yeoh was a highly respected individual in his community. As a father of three children, Yeoh’s only worry was how he would keep his crime a secret from his family.

When he was arrested, Yeoh exclaimed, “Will I go to jail? I can’t let my family know.”


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