Thursday, December 18, 2014

Piala Seri Endon BatikGrand Finals 2014

Tatyana the Prez of IWA, gave me tickets to this....

I had to dress in Batik, so I dug up my old school "uniform" that we had
to wear every Thursday, the designated "batik Day"

I jazzed it up with statement gold necklace from Melbourne, Furla carry-all from Angie on her trip to Europe, and red shoes from Nautifit from my sister and my tried and tested black knit skirt.

while driving to KLCC, I always have to stop at this traffic lights and see tourists taking photos of Petronas Twin Towers.  The man circled in red has climbed up on a concrete block to take a better pic!

As usual, busloads of tourists will be let off here to take the whole view of the towers at a vantage point....
I spent my time shopping for my gold theme dinner tonight, and then dumped my goods in the boot, and walked through the tunnel to KLCC Convention centre where the event is held.

The hall...I am early!!
The empty, so I went out to people watch, maybe I can catch Endon's daughter Nori, the guest of honour for the event.

Seri Endon was the Japanese wife of the previous prime minister, and she passed away due to cancer (he has since remarried..his housekeeper, no less!)
Had drinks while waiting, and had a good view of the KLCC park....
beautiful flower accents

There was also a "Galeri" for showcasing batik by winning artists but prices were astronomical
I thought this was Nori's daughter, but it couldn't be, there was no protocol surrounding her and no bodyguards, so she must be a nobody, like me.....hehe..she even had to check her name in the list..

nice view of the nice park
nice view of the nice towers too
venue for the tea afterwards, but I do not plan to wait, as I want to go home to start dressing for my gold themed dinner tonight....heh..heh...heh...I am the socialite wannabe

I did not even wait for the show!!!

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