Saturday, December 20, 2014

Pre Christmas Lunch with International Ladies

The club had the most delightful and pleasant Christmas lunch held at the Orchid Room, Lake Club on 17 December 2014

well attended by 50 ladies from all over the world!!! (but of course, they are right now in Kuala Lumpur lah) was also a charity event and you can see Tatyana holding a mock cheque for the representative of the beneficiary home
The Orchid, I daresay I have not been here, although I have been a member for many years. mainly because The Orchid is a watering  hole for drinkers

 some of the International ladies, and not so international, because, like me, many Malaysians are members too!!!
 From Belgium Netherlands, Sri Lanka
From Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines
 Me with Kim from New York and friend from Africa

Gosh!! Look at the turkey!!! Yummylicious!
Roasted turkey already carved, with stuffing
Below are the mains, I had fish..excellent!
Sirloin Steak ala Pizaiola

 Roasted lamb roll
Penne ala arabiata (vegetarian)
Sea Perch Meuniere
I had this, and it was VERY GOOD!!!..
crispy and herbful(my own word means herb taste) on the outside, 
tender and juicy inside!!!

 of course, before our main course, we could help ourselves at the salad bar....lots of choices!!
 puddings fruits, tarts, and cakes
 pies and chocolate cream cakes, crackers and cheese platter
 cherry tomatoes, braised egg plant and pies
 diced raw juicy salads and greens
 zuchini, carrots, raw onion rings
 assorted cold cuts 

penne, macaroni, and potato salad
hot beverages and stockings for you to donate your spare change
 Tatyana had a really difficult Christmas quiz and these are the group winners
lucky draw gifts, I got the Body Shop!

2nd prize winners who cheated, they googled all the answers, even though Tatyana said NO GOOGLING, they openly called themselves the GOOGLERS!!! what to do, the questions were really tough!!!

I enjoyed the food, (great value for money) 
 the fun and the place!!!
I also enjoyed dressing up for the occasion!!!

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