Saturday, August 30, 2014

Ancient Roman Themed Dance Party 24th August2014

We were all invited for an Ancient Roman Theme Party

Guess who is this?
Ta Daaaa!
It's my friend, getting ready for her dance party bright and early!
so we met at the dance floor
My toga dress for the Roman Party..from SUB (clothes for the clubbing community) except that I hardly go clubbing, so I kept the dress and unearthed it for this party!
waah....your costume so nice aaah!!! Sim tells Jan...
what the others wore
She improvised with a tube top, black mini and colourful scarf

What my other dance teacher wore....figure hugging snake print

I can't stand her legs that go on forever, can you?
my Cheras dance teacher with her beautiful new costume
Below are her two belly dance performance...

Event: Adeline Cheng's Dance Party 2014 - Nuline Dance Malaysia.
Event: Adeline Cheng's Dance Party 2014 - Nuline Dance Malaysia.
 dressed to the hilt!
 my 3rd dance teacher and Sal, 
they got some best dressed award
The top three best dressed 
with the consolation winner grimacing!
who left all these behind?
Edward, the Roman warrior, he must have found them too heavy!!!
Kim wore a blue roman dress
other ideas that Adeline posted for us to follow
you can easily emulate this

simple and sweet, no need to spend a bundle
or this
or you can rent from the costume shop
the dance list
the food
Adeline(birthday girl and hostess of party)
 and her 3 daughters
with her husband the photographer
 © Dr Patrick Africano Photography

GREAT EVENT!!! © Dr Patrick Africano Photography

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