Sunday, August 3, 2014

Jong's Crocodile Farm and Zoo Kuching

Jong's Crocodile Farm

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Siburan, 29Km Kuching-Serian Road | 93250 Kuching, SarawakKuchingMalaysia

We were lucky to have David to bring us around for the whole day (9 am to 5 pm) 
and the two main places he took us on the 3rd day was the crocodile farm and Annah Rais Longhouse..
Since it was only the 3 of us he took us around in his Innova blue taxi instead of a van or mini bus
it would be very difficult to find tour packages because it was Hari Raya, so we were glad to be able to get him, he even took us to a  lunch place and the cat museum later
This is Jong Crocodile farm cum mini zoo, my daughter was excited as she was a tiny tot when we brought her to the Ayer Keroh crocodile farm in Malacca and she could not recall a single thing!!
In front of the cement croc!!!
Unlike any other farm, this is fully landscaped and you have to go in, David acted as our tour guide!!!

He bought the tickets and told us to go ahead and take photos, while he queued!!!

RM16 for adults....different prices for Sarawakians and Sarawakian kids!!!
It was just as well David brought us in because the place was huge and you would not know where to start
we started with the info and photo gallery as an intro to the croc life on the farm...
huge jaws that could unhinge and accomodate any size of edible prey, including humans!!!

daughter's head looked lost among the jaws

baby crocs.....cute????
husband was merrily clicking away, oblivious to the no photos sign!! LOL!!

gruesome pic of 8 year old school boy cut out from the croc's stomach!!
His entire right leg was chomped off before being swallowed whole!

So, I reluctantly showed him the no photo sign, and he gave me a sheepish grin...

lots of crocs....among them the eyeless croc
his eyelids are not where it should be, he is eye less
the tail-less croc

the croc smaller cousing: the giant monitor lizard
cute pigs
even otters too
it is after all, also a min zoo

 the highlight was of course the crocodile feeding!!! 
It was a spectacular show!!
We spent hours and rolls of films videotaping them!!

then there was the feeding of giant fish, I forgot the name, and it is not arowana
on the way to the longhouse, daughter played with her croc toy
I bought one for myself too...
the biggest, most croc exhibits, most exciting crocodile feeding
and interesting crocodile farm so far!!!

Tourist swims for his life while crocodile chases after him in heart-stopping video

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