Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Delicious @ sT Mary Residences Café Sunday Family Dinner

Delicious @ sT Mary Residences

G7-G8, St MARY Place (Jalan Tengah), 50450 Kuala LumpurWP, Malaysia

Some of the places at Bukit Bintang that we passed by
 buildings come and go and new places mushroom overnight
 The One Academy?

 Many years ago, my eldest daughter used to walk here when she studied at St Mary's
 It is now so changed of course, from the days that I used to park along the roadside and go to Weld supermarket while waiting for my first born to finish school
 Now we are here again to celebrate starting a new job with a dinner at Delicious
 where once a great old school for girls used to stand, is now ST MARY'S RESIDENCES
 St Mary Residences (Sales and Retail) and St Mary Place (suites and studio apartment)

Located at St Mary Place, the retail annexe across from E&O Residences is Kuala Lumpur's famous Delicious Café. 

It offers a cosy dining experience with a menu featuring western and local favourites that satisfies the palates of its diners looking for the comfort of homemade food from breakfast till late supper.

 we had wanted to go to the Delicious Flagship store at Jalan Tun Razak but it had moved here
 the facade of Delicious, you cannot miss it, but somehow Delicious has lost its hype
 Nostalgic look at the surroundings, so different from what once used to be...he was here before he started his own primary school...
 let's go in, St Mary is no more, it is now all glass and steel and gleaming plastics

 old b and w pics of what the old girls' school used to be

 colonial mansion style
balustrades, wooden floorboards, verandahs.....
 from this 
 to this
 we chose a window seat
 quite empty and deserted
 hmmm....what treats are in store for me?
 Aglio oleo spaghetti (RM15.90) with extra beef bacon (RM4.90) for Jenn
 mine: Thai Crab Spaghetti RM27.90) I asked for extra spicy, tasted good with generous portions of shredded crabmeat
 double chocolate caramel (RM11.90)
 for papa Hainanese chicken chop RM24.90..quite delicious and hot

 For Ken, crispy seafood RM29.90...yummy and crunchy and served piping hot
 the two men always engage in business talk
 Bro and little sis...little sis is fast growing......

 Here's to a  new start  in September
 posing for camera, a ritual before eating.
 only one dessert..pineapple strawberry, chef's recommendation but J found it too sour and did not meet the sweet tooth of the rest!! RM12.90
 ooooohhhh so sour!!!

 what we bill RM128.30
 I had 5 RM20 vouchers so minus RM100
I paid RM68.85 for our meal for 4 about that????

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