Friday, August 1, 2014

Sarawak River Cruise in Kuching

On the first day itself, 28 July 2014 we bought our tickets for the Sarawak Sunset River Cruise.  We bought the combo A tickets at RM110 for 2 pax (early bird) with 2 canned soft drinks and 2 hotdogs, and the other ticket for daughter at 10% discount, otherwise it would have been RM60 each 

"1730 hours, board MV Equatorial for a 1½ hours sunset 

river cruise on the Sarawak River"

We were bright and early, and had lots of time to pose in 

front of the Equatorial!

 The cruise will last from 5.30 to 7 pm
"discover more than 25 historical landmarks, Borneo River Life and  360% panoramic view of Kuching City" according to the brochure...

 Stepping inside, we were pleased with the air-conditioned interior (at least daughter was, as Guilin Cruise ship was even more luxurious) as compared to this:
my friend Fong and her girls, in an authentic boat cruise!!!

 went on the upper deck to the hot sunshine
while daughter stayed back in the air "conned" room
the view should be better here...
hahaha!!! I thought I was early at 5 o'clock, but all the seats and tables are all taken at the upper deck!!! 
Everybody else is earlier than us!!!
so went back to the lower deck to join my daughter
 Even had to queue up for the unlimited orange cordial drinks, and free Kuching layer cake!
Nice or what!!!
refreshing drinks, and as much cakes as you can ingest!!!

 so nice, enjoying the cruise, the drinks, the ambiance and the cakes
the layer cake that came with the cruise ticket price
the combo of hotdogs and canned soft drinks

 the cruise is about to start, right on the dot at 5.30

 Up River....the dockyard

 The Astana
 Malay Fishing village
 Kuching State Mosque
Main Bazaar

 The Old  Brooke Dockyard preserved and saved from demolition'

 sailing into the sunset
 Borneo River Life
 wow, so serene and rustic, simply romantic and magnifique

 the municipal building
 the mosque

 kampung house
Kampung Boyan, Surabaya
 nice riverside dwellings

 the Astana
 Dewan Undangan Negeri, Sarawak

 VMY 2014 (Visit Malaysia Year 2014, but it is also fraught with disasters and plane crashes, sadly)

 captain steering so ably and skilfully

 on deck to catch all the scenic shots

 my camera man
 another camera man with dreadlocks

sunset in all its glory, but it is not our picture, borrowed from the net
 my shutterbug in action, caught in action
 so nice, right?
 soon, it was time for a cultural show and performance.
 everyone is waiting for the troupe to perform

 and they do not disappoint, from graceful moves executed so smoothly, so soothingly, we were lulled with their artistic steps

 men also performed aesthetically

 beautiful costumes and beautiful girls
 interactive and proactive

 she enjoyed the show so much...
 she had to have a shot with the dancers

 then it was time to go down river......the Hilton
 Kuching Waterfront
 VNY 2014
 Riveria Condominium
 River Taxi

 Riverbank Suites

 Our Hotel!!! D Palma Hotel

 Fishing boats
 More riverbank suites

 Raised Malay Traditional Houses

 Tun Salahuddin Bridge

 Night was falling.

 The other places that we passed by were the Square Tower, Old Court House, Chinese Museum. Petanak Wet Market, Wisma Mahmud, MBKS, Marine and Customs Office, Bintawa Fishing Village, Fisheries department, Wild Life Areas, Mount Santubong, Ed Defense Minister's House,  Chief Minister's House, DBKU Kuching North City, Cat Museum
 She enjoyed her cruise!

He also enjoyed his cruise!!!

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