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Sarawak Cultural Village

On the second day, we had planned 2 activities: Sarawak Cultural Village and the Semenggoh Rehabilitation Centre for Orang Utans.

You have to go to the SCV first so that you can catch the Cultural Dance Performance at 11.30, then have lunch and by then, you should have finished most of the houses and activities like pottery, tattooing, sword making, blowing blowpipes, weaving, etc. etc.......

"Sarawak Cultural Village (Kampung Budaya Sarawak) is a very popular attraction near Kuching, in the state of Sarawak (on Borneo). Here you can experience local tribes in their authentic homes; you can learn their customs by participating in one of many workshops. The village is actually a living museum. Sarawak used to be inhabited by many different tribes that roamed the forests. Nowadays there are still tribes in Sarawak, but most of them live far away from civilization, deep in the jungles of Borneo. Unfortunately even there are they threatened due to deforestation."

  1. Sarawak Cultural Village
  2. Address: Damai Beach Resort, 93762 Kuching
    Open today · 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
  3. Reviews

We booked this tour from Borneo Adventures
and it costs us RM210 for 3 persons for 2 places
 we were lucky to get him as it was Hari Raya 
and not many tour operators were working on this day
 We left at 9, and we were to time our visit to end with the Cultural show...
 of course, we needed to take lots of photos first!

Rainforest World Music Festival

The village also forms the stage for the yearly Rainforest World Music Festival, an internationally renowned music festival.

 We had to buy tickets to get in

Entrance fees

Tickets are sold for RM60 for adults and RM30 for children. (quite expensive!!! luckily we were able to get senior citizen prices by showing our ICs!!! LOL!!!)

A photo just for laughs! Love the way Jenn squatted, hehehe

 Still posing leh, not yet ready to get it!!
Start here!!! hahaha we started at No 9, the Chinese Farm house....
Map from Sarawak Cultural Village blog
 replica of an old chinese farmhouse

 that's me, I may be Chinese, but I did not live in a farmhouse, I did have a wooden house, though!
 Daughter has not seen this contraption before, she thinks it is a toy
 it is actually a soya bean grinding machine and she does not know how to work it!!
 Now she begins to get the hang (or swing of it)

 My father had a Chinese drug store and my brother even though English educated could handle a mean daching! He even had the smallest daching (to measure medicinal powders) The only other shop to have the smallest daching is the goldsmith shop. My brother had the biggest one too (on top of my head) to measure gunny sacks of herbal medicine!
 typical Chinese paraphernalia in favourite Chinese colour: RED

 Chinese woman who is very passionate about all things Chinese and guards her artefacts like a hawk!
 Chinese bathroom?
 I actually had one of these meat larders, as we did not have a refrigerator back then.

a well
then we relived our childhood at a Malay house
(this is under the house)
since it was Raya, lemang, rendang, ketupat, kuah kacang and orange juice was served!!!
wow!!!!! an open house in progress!!! soon everyone cottoned on and helped themselves to the yummy Hari Raya goodies, including an array of cookies!!! The lemang and rendang was replenished ever so often to cater to all the guests!!! FREE!!!!

Then I did a bamboo dance, we did this in our Convent School days when we had folk dancing!
Bye! lovely Malay house, I also loved the kitchen that you had to take steps to go down to!!
Next is the Melanau Tall House... lived up to its name! Tall house!! and the stairs was a single tree trunk carved with steps!! Not easy! Will make your knees go queasy!
Melanau tall house has bamboo floors!
Rumah Orang Ulu!

with wooden boardwalk
Everyone has to stop walking to let our self timed camera go click! otherwise the floorboards will tilt the camera!
Orang ulu with his cute hair style and colourful loin cloth covering his modesty stops making knives and swords to pose with us!
 the swords that he made..

 Rumah orang ulu also has many steps!!!

 They are artistic and this design is also tattooed on their arms

closed door....picture from the net
tattoo set....orang ulu are the original tattooists before tattoo ever became trendy and popular...
 what's this? The Penan house?

 Real Penan native! Note the Penan hairdo and loin cloth or pants
he taught her how to blow a pipe!
 she had also never seen a weaver working at a loom before!
getting her chops and stamps for the booklet to make sure we visit all the houses!
Rumah Iban....but we do not have time, because it is show time!!!
beautiful and cool looking Iban house!
we went inside the darkened and cooled theatre for an entertaining show!
 dances from most of the ethnic groups
It looked so fun that for the grand finale, Jenn could not resist joining them on stage!
 and we continued where we left off, the Bidayuh bamboo bridge!
All guests are invited to cross over to the Bidayuh longhouse on this bamboo bridge
this picture is from:

it is not as easy as it looked!!
I had to remove my shoes and we took so many photos, there was a long queue behind us!!
 And we got to the Rumah Bidayu which is conical and rounded in shape...great architectural feat!
so cute and quaint, and quirky
we have come to the end of our tour, and had lunch here, with the backdrop of Mt Santubong as a prop
The village is located at the slopes of Mount Santubong
even from the car window we can see the mountain

below : the Damai Beach resort where we picked up some Koreans who stayed here

How to get to Sarawak Cultural Village

The attraction is located north of Kuching, a 45 minute drive by car from the city. The village is located at the slopes of Mount Santubong. If you cross the small road from the main entrance you walk to the nice Damai Beach. Here you also have a few shops, restaurants and a small food court. There are busses that you can take to the village. Another option is by taxi (which is expensive as you also pay for the return trip). Many hotels and tour agencies in Kuching offer an organized trip to Sarawak Cultural Village. There are two nice resorts near the village; Puri Damai Resort and the Damai Beach Resort.

So now we are on our way to Semenggoh Orang Utan Centre in van full of un plastic surgeried faced Koreans!!!!!

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