Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Kolam Air Panas Annah Rais (Hot Spring)

Move over, hot spirngs in Japan, Kuching has her very own hotsprings hot spot!!!
 It is right behind the Annah Rais longhouse, and you can reach it by going over some bridges and dirt roads
 Welcome to Annah Rais Hot spring, don't miss it if you have finished walking around the longhouse
nominal fee to enter the hot spirng area

 look how green, secluded and clean it is
 the hot spring has been built up by bricks and stones to contain the heated up water

 the man in white shows me the way to get to the hotspring without getting my sarong too wet....
the water is so clear and clean, she cannot resist taking a picture of her toes in the crystal clear water!!!!

 picking my way gingerly, taking care not to slip, I followed the man's instructions by wading at the shallowest got hotter as I neared the hot spring

look, I have reached, and dipping my toes in the hot water (REALLY HOT!!!)
and in the foreground you can see a family having a nice time in the cooler water outside
and the man lying prostrate...HE IS REALLY HAVING A NICE TIME!!!!

So now the two of us having a great time getting our feet soaked in the hot water.
and guess what?
we did not have to strip naked like in Japan!!!!

A woman enjoying open air onsen in Hokkaido.
Read more at,-onsen-etiquette.aspx#DTrZxWxqitohVLPX.99

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