Thursday, August 14, 2014

What we bought from Kuching...

We are now very controlled in our souvenir buying and only got stuff that we really liked or which we think would be useful to us

 some of the things that define Kuching/Sarawak
 I love Kuching T shirts: mine is RM7 and my daughte's is RM6
 daughter's buys....I love Sarawak T, ethnic beaded bag, bracelets for her friends, minicroc and more trinkets
 bead necklace, shirt and croc
 lovely beading shoulder bag which is so her
 handcrafted bracelets and orang asli beaded armbands for her friends
 this necklace costs a whopping RM65 and her dad bought it for her
goes well with her blue top
 I got this table cloth with the Sarawak design for RM20, there are table runners, sash, curtains etc in this design!
 Sarawak black and white pepper corns and pepper grinder (RM13) and RM6 for the packets
 fridge magnets (RM4.90)
 my necklace, RM28
goes with my orange and black top
and sarong..I hope I look so in my native Sarawak element here, minus the shades of course!!
 Dayak design pareo for can get this for RM18 in downtown Main Bazaar road!!!
she wore the necklace and sarong for her school Hari Raya costume day, the SIAO CHA BOR!!!
 my mini croc RM1.90 and another fridge magnet which is a wood carving used as a shield by the Sarawakian warrior.
 this is the room key tag
 compared to my fridge magnet
Mini Croc says "bye bye" to Kuching!!!!


melissafizz said...

yourr post was so interestingg!! :D
it made my dayy as Im currently residing in Sarawak for Unimas..
I lovee the gorgeous necklace and the cutee corocodilee at the endd of the post..
Thankk youu for an interesting blogg..
pls keep it up ^^

MK Loo said...

Thanks Melissa for reading my blog.
You certainly made my dayy!

and thanks for the feedback too!!!

Wish I was back in Sarawak
and wish I was back at Uni!! hehe

MK Loo