Friday, August 22, 2014

The Ice Bucket Challenge

Once you’ve been Ice Bucket Challenged, you have 24 hours to complete the Ice Bucket Challenge. If you refuse the challenge, which is an option, you’re a jerk who loves Lou Gehrig’s Disease. So don’t be a jerk

Zhang Ziyi, Fala Chen and other Asian stars take on the Ice Bucket Challenge
Check out all the photos here:

Now that you’ve accepted your inevitable, soaking wet fate, you’ll need the following:
- A bucket
- Ice
- Water (cold preferable)
- A video capturing device with eventual access to the internet
- Probably a change of clothes
- Maybe a towel
We also recommend finding a spot where it wouldn’t suck to dump ice water, like your roof, backyard or coworker’s cubicle.

Then you have to film it! You can do the video as short or long as you like, though we recommend keeping them as short as possible. The videos must include the following information, though:
A: Your name
B: Who challenged you
C: Accepting their challenge with the full name (“I accept the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge”)
D: Three more people you want to challenge
E: The website
F: A mention that you’re donating money as well as dumping da ice

This is a pretty important step that’s getting ignored as more people want to “go viral” with their “hilarious” Ice Bucket videos: you need to actually be challenged in order to do the, you know, Challenge.
It’s like a game of telephone, basically. A friend, coworker, or bitter enemy will do a video, and call out three other people to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Those three people need to call out three others, and so on, and so forth leading to a branch-like spread of the Challenge.


Secret’s Hyosung has recently come under fire for exposing black bra when white shirt got wet

Secret’s Hyosung has recently come under fire after she shared her own ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on Instagram.
Sitting in a bath tub, wearing a white over shirt, Hyosung tells her viewers before getting drenched, “I’ve been challenged to the Ice Bucket Challenge by 4minute’s Sohyun. I hope ALS patients will obtain some strength through this campaign. I challenge Song Jieun, singer Younha unnie and WINNER Nam Taehyun-ssi.” 
Hyosung is dumped with cold water following her comment. However, because Hyosung was wearing a white over shirt, the water revealed Hyosung’s black bra to which many netizens have scrutinized her for.
They commented, “Your body is exposed,” “I wonder if she realizes,” “Was this on purpose? It doesn’t seem genuine.. I never took her for this type of person,” “What a sly fox,” “Every woman knows what happens when your white t-shirt gets white, especially with a black bra underneath…” and “It’s because of kids like you that Lee Kyun is mad!!!!!!!!”
Over a hundred Korean celebrities have been completing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge lately, showing their support and have donated to the ALS Association.
Check out Koreaboo’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge taken to a whole ‘nother level!

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