Saturday, August 9, 2014

Kuching Cat Statues

We just had to find all the cat statues that Kuching is famous for, after all, Kuching means Cat in Malay.

The first one that we found was the 

Kuching North City Hall Family Cat Statues, situated in the 

intersection of Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Jalan Padungan

 & Jalan Abell, and in the middle of the 3 major shopping 


 You can see the shopping malls behind, and though it is smack in the middle of the road, it is perfectly safe to take photo because of its huge size..

 So we walked round it and took photo of every angle of it!
 It consists of parent cats, and a few playful cats around it
 so hot!! but so fun!!!!
so excited to find the cat roundabout!!!

"Perhaps the most photographed cat statue, since this is near the Kuching Waterfront and is easy to find. This statue has the most cats with father and mother cat and I think 7 kittens. You might want to take photos from all 4 angles since some kittens are hidden from view. Officially this is the Kuching North City Council statue."

The next cat statue we found had a huge totem pole..
 and also at a busy road junction!!!

"Another round-about with a cat statue. There are 4 white cats, and there are rafflesia flowers on the top of the pole. I think this statue is near Soho (a popular pub). For those of you who must have road names, it’s at one end of Jalan Padungan. Quite near the earlier statue."

 See!!! sun is setting, and the statues are surrounded by buildings, roads and tourists.

 lots of opportunities for photo taking
 We visited this statue/s just before we went for our cruise...
 nice white cat!!!

Cat Statue #1

"Finally, the most famous of them all. The first cat statue built in the 1990s. The 1.5m tall statue was created by local artist Yong Kee Yet and is located at the other end of Jalan Padungan. Officially, this is the Kuching South City Council cat statue, but otherwise known as the Great Cat of Kuching. It is normally naked like in the photo above, but is sometimes dressed up for festivals. (Eg. A santa outfit at Christmas, red Chinese shirt during Chinese New Year, etc)."
"Meow! This is the very first cat statue in Sarawak's cat city 

and was built in the 1990s. It is also known as the Kuching 

South City Council Cat Statue. It sits right at the entrance to

Padungan China Town and every festival, this cat will be 

dressed accordingly, e.g during Chinese New Year, it will 

wear a traditional red vest and during the Eid-Fitr, it will wear

 green"(BY Borneo Girl)
you can see the size of the cat in perspective to this girl

This cat statue is near the arch to the entrance of China Town

Finally, before we left Kuching, we visited the cat statue again at night...


Do I look like the Mother Cat? 
He is trying hard to emulate Father Cat!!!


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