Thursday, August 14, 2014

De Palma Waterfront Kuching

In Kuching, we stayed at De Palma Waterfront Kuching, a hotel that is tied up with AirAsia Go Tours

affordable and dirt cheap...RM64 per night

It is situated along Jalan Abell and you can walk to Jalan Padungan to find a lot of coffee shops
sadly, it is also the road where the two British medical students were stabbed to death.

It is at the far end of the waterfront

colourful and unmistakable but since it is at the far end of the waterfront, you might have trouble spotting it.
what a dorm might look like...

we had the three bedded room, turns out to have two single and 
one double bed, can sleep 4 or 5!

the tiny lobby and the only receptionist hahah!!!

simple room with basic amenities

see, the waterfront and the town?
has mats and cushions for chilling on the floor

every evening and morning we just walk out to Jalan Padungan to look for food
early evening....going out for our cruise
has a padang right in front of the hotel which is actually an office block converted into a hotel
 since it is a waterfront, boats will bring in the latest catch, and there is a fish market selling the freshest fish!
 people from near and far will flock to buy them
 there is also an ice factory nearby and these men have already done their day's work!
 it is only 8 or 9 in the morning!!!
 we walked around, marvelling at the still undeveloped and informal atmosphere of this last stretch of the waterfront....

 part of the waterfront and the last vestiges of untouched wharf...

 boathouses that bespoke of an era suspended in time

with unspoilt views like this!
Then the view is gone,
and we walked across the padang  for our breakfast...
this coffee shop visible from our hotel window serves
 Kolo mee, Sarawak mee etc, 
but only in the morning, by 11 or 12 it is sold out!
Since it was packed inside, we asked for a seat outside, 
and surprise, surprise!!!
 they carried a table and two chairs and accommodated our wishes!!!

De Palma Waterfront Kuching Hotel,
 if you do not mind bare necessities....
after all you only come back to the room to bathe and sleep!!! 
and relax!!!

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