Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sarawak Laksa. other food and Chong Choon Cafe..

The third MUST TRY" is Sarawak laksa.....

It looked like this...(from Ipoh Kopitiam)
and this...(from a coffeeshop)
and this (from Lebanon Cafe)
We had breakfast in  Jalan Padungan

and dinner at Hong Kong Noodle House
 we had dinner here because it was the first night of Raya and all shops were closed
 extensive noodle, porridge and dumpling menu
 this is what we had...
 prawn noodle...very nice...Jenn loves Sarawak prawns
 curry noodle
 dessert: Mango and fungus
 yong chiew fried rice...yummy
 wanton noodle

 very fast and delicious
 everything RM5 only!!!!

We also had chicken rice in this busy shop

 fast and quick chicken rice before we went to the longhouse
Yummy too
 with water melon juice

On the last day we had breakfast at this wonderful Cafe: Chong Choon Cafe..
 and had the THICK TOAST!!!
 It was so good and cheap (RM2.50) Jenn ordered another one!
 Dad finally got his porridge!
 I had Sarawak laksa again..
Just had to have another one before flying back
 Chong Choon Cafe is very crowded!!!

 and packed!!!
 lots of choices!
What Chong Choon Cafe looks like!

We had tea at this crowdeed place that has a temple at the end of it..
 everybody also having tea time
 it is not a shop but the empty space between buildings
 the temple...
 we had Satay Pork
6 sticks of satay pork
I could not stand the meaty smell, but papa loved it
 Laksa seller doing a roaring trade
 pork balls too

 this white family patiently waits for their food and gamely tries everything
 closer view of the temple
grilling satay

everything will be sold out soon

 weird drinks

 Kedondong and ambla drink

 kong fu chow from Benson Seafood
 Hock Chew mee, 
and the orr chien never came (I was so sad!)

And of course!!!!! CUP MEE!!! 
we brought it over from Kuala Lumpur!!!!

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