Friday, August 8, 2014

Two British medical students stabbed to death in Kuching

Two British medical students stabbed to death in Kuching

Gosh!!! Two UK medical students, aged only 23 and 24, younger than my 2 older kids, on an exchange programme, stabbed to death in Kuching!!!!!!

 the spot along Jalan Padungan where the two students were stabbed
was where we walked everyday looking for food
during our holiday in Kuching!

 see, we are by the roadside while Dad is checking his Google map to bring us out for breakfast
 we walked everywhere
 we had Kolo mee and Sarawak laksa
 we found the cat statues

 we walked from Abell Road where we stayed to Jalan Padungan where there are a lot of coffee shops and we also explored Carpenter Street and the Main Bazaar Road
 hehe, we are mere specks
but we walked in broad daylight, 
not at 4 a.m. like the medical students.
 we could have walked along this street (Jalan Padungan)too

 "2 students killed in the 4.15am attack in the Jalan Padungan area of Kuching in the western province of Sarawak."
girl puts flower wreath on street where students are murdered.

The city of Kuching is rocked by the killing of two Britons as murder is something rare for the locals here.
Earlier today, flowers were placed near the bus stop in 
Abell Road(our hotel is situated on this road) where the two Medical Students were stabbed after being involved in an argument with four locals at a nearby coffeeshop on Wednesday.

Mr Dalton and Mr Brunger, who were described as brilliant students with glittering futures ahead of them, were chased by the gang and stabbed multiple times, before being left in the street just yards apart.

However, we had a bad experience along this deserted road.....
 Look at us, and look at the deserted road (it is a public holiday)

Well, we got heckled!!!

First one car honked at us, then when the car neared us, the driver flashed his headlights at us a couple of times!!
Then when he passed us, he held up the "very good" sign at us with his hand!!!
we are alone because Dad had gone very far ahead, anxious to look for the cat statues...

Jenn looked at her clothes, thinking she might have forgotten to zip up, and looked at my clothes, thinking that I might have grown a tail, or a pair of horns on my head....

Immediately after the first driver, another came along and honked and flashed us like mad!!!

Poor Jenn!!! She has never walked on the streets in KL before and she has definitely not been treated like this before!!!

The first driver was bad enough, but the second one, and so soon after the first one at that!!!!

They are targeting us, because there is no one else walking on the road except us!!

 This is a bigger pic of how we looked like....
 Look at how we are dressed?
 Do you think we are provocatively dressed?
Do you think we deserve such treatment??
Do you think we ought to be stabbed to death????

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