Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Kuching Pork Leg Rice

Our tour guide David told us about Pork Leg Rice
and said that we had to try PLR before we left Kuching
and gave directions on the road and place to find the best Pork Leg Rice

Pork Leg Rice at a stall in Jalan Padungan

the coffee shop where we find our PLR

the stall was closing, but the man could rustle up a plate of meat and rice for two
this is what the dish looks like: 
One generous place of chopped up pork's leg
two small bowls of curry cabbage,
two small bowls of extra soy sauce stew
and two plates of white steamed rice
the pork peices were marinated in soya sauce and cooked till sotf and tender
 the old kopitiam where we had the PLR
 this kopitaim has a good write up in the Chinese press
 Apek making kopi o in the kopitiam
 Ah Moi having PLR in the kopitiam

the complete newspaper page showing the Chinese article

verdict of the PLR? ....her grandfather's "see u  lo bak"  is just as good.....!

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