Sunday, September 14, 2014

Batu Lancang Market Food Court, Penang

This is the last of our culinary adventure in Penang!!
The Batu Lanchang Market Food Court which houses more than 50 stalls of street food and Penang signature dishes!
After this, we are driving back to KL!
I purposely walked to the signboard to take a photo for you....

 there is a temple right next to it, if you need a landmark

 small entrances at the side, and  walled up ..well...walls...belie the activity inside!
 wow!!! hahaha! people mountain people sea!!!! (人山人海, Ren shan ren hai)......!!!!
 just some of the stalls available, shot from where I was sitting, because I was too lazy to get off my butt and the place was too packed for me to walk around lah...

 Lam mee and po piah
 I must guard my table and my drinks while my friends go around to get their favourite food..
all of them are Penangite or part thereof (meaning Penang parents in law for Jenny and grandparents for Daphne...except me, a Johorian so I don't know what famous Penang food to get..
 first delivery....chinese roti jala and chicken curry, for Daphne
 the lady serving it told me if they want more roti jala, it's 2 ringgit per piece or sth like that, forgot lah!
 our drinks, liang teh, pat poh cha or eight treasure drink......
 ("PAT POH Herbal Tea is Penang's most popular herbal drink"...from the net)

let's see if my late father's herbal medicine shop has these 8 herbs for pat poh cha...xia ku cao or selfheal (prunella vulgaris) - is a traditional remedy for relieving cough, eliminating phlegm, dispelling "lung-heat" and detoxification. The other seven ingredients in Loy's pat poh recipe are menthol, licorice root, mandarin orange peel, honey, cinnamon, brown sugar and mulberry leaves.

 the char kway teow stall right next to me
note the gigantic chimney that parlays smoke right out of the roof

Auntie and Uncle both have their own woks to churn out char kway teow (ckt)

 this one is duck egg ckt  and only costs RM5 compared to the Cafe Heng Huat one which costs RM9!!
chicken rice stall
 with cai buih, which means vegetable tail or leftovers

 Jenny brought back this Lor Mee,
which tastes like sour pork leg gravy with noodle hehehe
(zhee keok cho)

 Angie brought back this chee cheong fan with sweet sauce but what took the cake was the heko or har ko or prawn paste....delicious!

 Daphne brought back (well, I keep on saying "brought back" because they really disappeared and reappeared with the bowls of food to my table,,,)  this assam laksa....

And I tar pow Chinese pasembor with jellyfish..but no picture because all wrapped up!

Batu Lanchang Market Food Complex

Food Court and Coffee Shop
Lebuhraya Batu Lanchang11600 JelutongPenang, Malaysia
Now that I have finished Penang, I can get on with my other activities, get backlog already liao!!!

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