Sunday, September 21, 2014

Jonker Street/Jonker Walk and Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, Melaka

After checking in we went for a stroll along Jonker Street and Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock

The 1511 heritage house : note the beautiful exterior, stylised architecture and ornate tiles
Me seated with life sized cutouts of Baba and Nyonya couple who might have lived in this living museum all those years ago
 Tun Tan Cheng Lock's house on the street named after him: beautiful and grand, the most amazing thing is that it is not a sprawling bungalow but joined to a row of houses, it extends deep down to the back with interior coutyards and double storeys of rooms and even a garage and porch for a luxury car or two!!
this house is sadly deserted, abandoned and in ruins, it might remind you of the Hogwarts mansion in the Harry Potter movies.
We had a home cooked dinner at the side walk because it started to rain and we could not walk around anymore!
then the pasar malam started!!
 this foreigner can carve a coconut without puncturing the inner layer and spilling the juice!
 He and his partner sell coconut drinks on the street!
see how he carves the cococnut?
We bought one to try!!!
this is how he eats the coconut at the Quayside Hotel after visiting his daughter!
hehehe caught in the act!!
then I saw a lok lok stall!
 what is great is this mat salleh couple who enjoyed making a selection from the wide choice of food from the  lok lok!!!
after choosing the sticks, they came here to eat!!!
He tried all the sounds and chose the most crystal clear melodious sounding wind chime
 then he went to choose his tau sar!! so much to choose from!
 his favourite plus all the other fillings known to man are all here....
freshly baked and selling like hot cakes
lastly, we went for cendol to cool down
sharing the cendol, 
we felt like young lovebirds on a holiday,
 never mind the fact that we are on the wrong side of 50s ,
  we are on holiday, nevertheless!!!!

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