Monday, September 22, 2014

Casa Del Rio, Melaka...and breakfast at Jonker 88, Quayside Hotel

The next morning we went for a stroll along the promenade

 so nice, but so deserted, we had the whole walk to ourselves, and it was a Saturday morning at that..
 met this man, fishing and casting his mini net
 never mind that Melaka river looked polluted and I even saw some flotsam and oil floating about
 see? very fresh fish, I forgot the name of the fish
 from across you can see the 100 year-old wharehouse that has been converted into a hotel called the Quayside Hotel, which is where the BRATs and staying now
I had earlier dropped off daughter at the Quayside for her programme
Quayside Boutique Hotel for the hip and trendy, quite expensive rates with rooms facing the river or the street below....

 after walking we reached Casa Del Rio hotel which looks luxurious and comfortable and strategic
 The next time you come to Malacca, you ought to stay at the Casa Del Rio because it feels  posh and is certainly trending now

 Casa Del Rio is also within walking distance to all the happening places like Jonker Walk and Tun Tan Cheng Lock
behind him is the replica vessel, the Flor del Mar, on which the Portuguese sailed to Malacca more than 500 years ago

see? after walking a short distance, we reached Kedai  Kopi Chung Wah, the infamous chicken rice ball shop....already there was a queue 

people do not mind standing outside in the sun just for a plate of them balls....
yesterday, after I helped daughter check in at Quayside, we went for the rice balls, and there was no queue because we were very early!! I must have driven to Malacca like a crazed mad woman on a caffeine high.

 Anyway, back to my story, we found Jonker 88 for our breakfast!!! Daughter had done an interview here and whatsapp us to come try the food here!

 So many people rushing into the shop! So kiasu, so we also rush in and grab seats!!!

 it has an old signboard and name but Jonker 88 is more catchy and famous..
 see, already hordes of people having breakfast and seats are going fast!

Here he comes with the food, as usual I GUARD my place hahaha!!!

 seafood mee soup RM6.90 ridiculously cheap
 yong tau foo assam laksa, also RM6.90

 all sorts of tourists come here, mainly local chinese, some casually dressed 

 others dressed like going for a photo shoot

 you have to get your order inside...and it is self-service, you order, you pay, and you carry your tray out
 choose your food here
 she prepares it on the spot
 desserts too, actually this shop is well known for its ice kacang
the food menu

the ice kacang menu
the interior of Jonker 88

the we stepped out to Jonker Walk again
 where you might see the Brats running about interviewing people
or this group of men doing treasure hunt
Walking on the road, I met my friend and ex colleague,
 Lim SF!!

she is also on holiday with her friend and they stay at Baba Hotel

 Next we looked for the famous Durian Puff that daughter told us about
 yummy!!! but we were still full from the heavy breakfast!

 we found a beauty saloon selling hand made soaps

 a crystal house where I found the proprietress meditating with fumes of mist wafting from her crystals
 then, an old fashion open cast engineering works with cement floor
 lots of walking
 an Irish pub in Malacca?

 Resourceful man parked his motorbike and perched on the balustrade to balance himself reading the day's headlines which says:
 "Scotland stays a part of the UK". 
 (20 Sept 2014)

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