Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ferringhi Garden....Dining Amidst Nature

For dinner, Angie took us to Ferringhi Garden along Batu Ferringhi Beach
Ferringhi Garden's gigantic signboard high up in the sky

 It was early evening and I took this lovely picture of the the restaurant in this beautiful setting

I also snapped a view of the street across the the early dusk the street looks surreal

 wow!!! so much foliage and greenery and so much seating to choose from, we hopped from one table to another! 

 from two seaters to long bar, you are literally dining among the stars and plants
 Lonesome kwailo drinking in the early evening
 boasts Malaysian cuisine and fusion food, mostly fine dining
 voted best eatery by Time Out Magazine
 the waiter showed us this place but Jenny rejected it, I don't know why
 there is an exhibition of teddy bears hand made by the owner upstairs
 you would not be wrong if you think you are in the middle of the Borneo rainforest if you see these twin palms

 even the sound of gurgling waterfalls, albeit man made
this is the place Jenny chose

 I sat beside the waterfall, the sound of water will decrease my appetite so I will not gorge myself
 Jenny waiting for food while the two girls have gone to view the teddies

 see. so nice right?

 alright, alright, the food took a long time coming, and we posed a lot, for the waiter!
 free baskets of breads
 Jenny's daughter and her friend Angie
 they ordered a Moet Chardonnay .....lovely white wine...wished I could have more! 
 Jenny had coconut
 our dishes arrived
 Waldorf salad for all of us...yummy!!
A classic blend of apple, honeydew and raisins garnished with dates and tomatoes
tossed with greens

 scallops for all to share
 Daphne's food: Cod

 Jenny's food: Snapper

 Angie's food: duck
 mine: seafood soup is actually a starter but I did not plan on eating too much so I had this!
buttered soup with mussels, prawns salmon and other fish!!! so yummy!

The bill for the four of us....nearly RM500!!

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