Friday, September 5, 2014

BU Rotary 8th Installation 13 July 2014

I went to this club's 8th Installation in place of Anthony, so it was free for me!!!

Their giant banner outside the venue
Sorry, I am a little late in posting this, I know, I know it is now September
they had young slim and pretty girls as ushers
(I was the usher at our own installation: old fat ugly and short...heheh)

 Only 4 of us attended
 held at Restaurant Extra Super Tanker(I like that imaginative and evocative!) at Bandar Utama 

 the menu
 Super Tanker 2 combination

 enroute to the Ladies, I met the President Elect...a Lady!!!

 Stunning, Tall, and pretty! she, lah, not me, her name is Lily
see, how nice her gown is!

 Their up the banner

 her husband and the President herself came to our table to take photos

 The DG

 More photos lah...

 Another gimmick: all the past presidents carrying the torch like the Olympics
 lights off so that you can see the flame of the torch
 hahah....torch bearer
 flames flared!
 without camera flash

 lights off!
Lights on!!! The torch reaches Lily and she is installed the President of the 8th chapter!!!!

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