Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Hundred Foot Journey

 As part of the prize, I got 2 in season passes to

 The 100 Foot Journey, 

so to find out what the hype was all about, 

caught the movie as soon as possible.

 Glad to say, we thoroughly enjoyed the movie,

 for its scenery, story and the recipes hahaha.

"an Indian family opens a restaurant across the street from a Michelin-starred French restaurant "

this is the premise of the movie.

The Michelin-starred restaurant is 100 foot away from the Indian Restaurant, literally!

I got all my pictures from the BVI facebook :

You can view the contest questions here:

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 Escape to the South of France with Academy-Award winner Helen Mirren.

When the Indian family got stranded Marguerite brought them in and served them visually appealing food on a giant tray like this

Hearty, colourful food that she made, grew and plucked herself!!
 something like this: someone had a lunch inspired by the above!

 Of course, Le Cordon Bleu features prominently in the movie
 It is based on a novel by???? I forgot!!!
ok,ok, here it is....
book tie-up with the movie
 Om Puri  as the quirky, sometimes silly and impractical father
 Manish Dayal  as the gifted cook/chef who married Indian and French cuisine
 Dame Helen Mirren as the haughty but nice owner of the Michelin starred restaurant
and Charlotte Le Bon as Hassan's love interest and rival

The movie is full of cliches and quotable quotes like theses:

 In my kitchen we cook with class, and her restaurant is patronised by ministers on Bastille Day.
Food is Memories, because Hassan lost his mother and is transplanted from his hometown.

Are you ready to explore the South of France
with outdoor cafes like this

and woods like this
 The omelette that he got Madame Mallory to make because he injured both his hands

 Oprah Winfrey chose the book and the story, Steven Spielberg produced/directed the movie
with two big names like that, you can expect an epic movie

 Food and recipes from the movie, I have a post dedicated to these...!!!

 Indian spices readily available in Malaysia too

 They work in Le Cordon Bleu kitchen, I read that these two had to actually observe and practise in real kitchen before they could act as chefs in one

Hassan serves gourmet fish

veloute, Espagnole, bachamel, hollandaise, tomato

can you identify the above 4 sauces mentioned in the movie?

After watching the movie you will be craving Indian food and 

French food, in fact any food, because I am hungry now!!!

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