Tuesday, September 9, 2014

District 3300 Cruise - Joint Installation

This poster says it all....

The Fun is In!!!
Of course we did not dress (or half dress) like that...

We dressed like this...
 We met the DG and a Rotarian from Spain
DG getting ready to board
jetty...I have been here before, with hubby dear and daughter/sister
 today with Rtn Jenny and Anthony
with William, the 4 of us from RCPC
with Lily the president from BU
We have checked in!!
Do you like the colour combination of the cabin?
DG has a double bed and single room to herself...
ah, the perks of being a DG
 cocktails start at 3, and we are all dressed up in our cocktail best
canapes and finger food
swan cream puffs, fruit tartlets and chicken boxing
 Installation is underway
 fruit punch and champagne...endless flow
 I gulped my champagne and got slightly tipsy!!
so nice!! hor
 Joint installation:President Hery of Langkawi, President Sim of Kulim and President Christine of Tanjung Bungah

 President Christine has 5 daughters!!! and husband all on stage with her...
Then we had dinner, before the crowd (public) descended here too
 with Lily
all sorts of food!
 At night, the club booked the whole of the disco for Friendship Club!
 dancing into the wee hours of the morning...
breakfast with a view...

then we went to poolside for group photos

err.. I did not jump!!

 with president of Titiwangsa and President of Bandar Utama
 I posed with the seagull but it flew away!!!
Will Pu's Sea Gull perched on top of his head...
no lah, it is an optical illusion
it was perched on the lamp post behind him
Anthony got himself all entangled
 this is the RCPC group (with Soon)

the complete RCPC reps
the community project was a trishaw heritage ride
DG in her rickshaw
we did not join, because  we went off in search of 

the perfect Char Kway Teow
Anthony and the DG went for this topless show!
Naughty, Naughty!!!!
See you on board the Rotary Cruise on the 6th September 2014!!!
errr......over already!!

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