Monday, September 15, 2014

Opening of Japanese Film Festival 9 September


Had 2 invites to the above opening ceremony so I dressed myself up in my little black dress and found myself at the THX foyer...

 Opening Ceremony Event Details

Date: 9 September 2014
Time: 7.00pm - 10.50pm
Venue: GSC Pavilion KL
 Event Itinerary

7.00pm: Arrival of Guests and Media
             Refreshments at THX Foyer

 grapes skewered on little squares of yellow and red melon
 Girls dress in wraparound tops ala kimono  serving us canapes
 the aforesaid fruits and green tea jelly..just a blob
 trying to look smoky, dusky and smoulderingly hot, but not succeeding
 d'ya think I am sexy?

 more bite sized food
 prawn tempura
 actually they are spring rolls
 chicken, really
 fresh supplies of springrolls were brought out

only a select few were invited

 8.30pm: Photo Opportunity

8.00pm: Guest Adjourn to Hall 3
8.10pm: Opening Ceremony Begins
             Welcome Address by Ms. Koh Mei Lee
8.20pm: Opening Speech by Mr. Yoshinori KODAMA,
             Minister and Deputy Chief of Mission,
           Embassy of Japan
8.40pm: Screening of “Mourning Recipe”

10.50pm: Event ends....

hahaha....okay okay, I will write a short review of the above 


but first, here's a teaser:
caught in the act by daughter!!!
and don't jump into a conclusion...
it is not what you think!!

For other movies shown during the festival check here:

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