Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Lunch with the girls at Alexis Bistro & Wine Bar @ Great Eastern Mall - Malaysia ...

After much planning and cancelling, the BUSY MUMS's Network Girls
finally met for Lunch at Alexis Bistro at Great Eastern Mall
This Alexis is also a wine bar and has jazz performances...
I always pass by Alexis while at the mall while waiting for my daughter's ballet classes and see it well patronised by the well-heeled set and whites.

 The "girls"...Nora, Felicia, Linda, and the one behind the camera, me
 Feli is hugging Lind and I felt like the neglected first wife, so I cut myself out of this picture...
 The original pic..see what I mean? Linda got all the love....actually, Felicia said she could not turn to hug me because she had a frozen shoulder, I do not buy that, do you?
 We got the waiter to take a photo of the four of us
 After our first meeting (in Linda's house) and second meeting, (in my house) we planned a long time for a third meeting, and decided to do it outside in nobody's house and without the husbands and kids.....
 MY BIG BREAKFAST!!! hahaha....Turkey sausages, poached eggs with Hollandaise sauce, bread, portebello mushrooms, baked beans and tomatoes...yummy!
 All three of them had Eggs Benedict
 And it was not good...
We'd rather have the hollandaise sauce drizzled all over the eggs..
Like this
or this...
)pics sourced from internet)
 Felicia with her pose, she wanted me to post on FB, but Nora didn't
so I created a secret group...
 pic of my BIG breakfast set RM32, before I did it justice
 forgot what cake this is

This outing was quite some time ago: 10th August 2014 which was also the Hungry Ghost Festival because Linda just finished her praying at the altar, and my maid just went to Midah to do the preparation and praying (not her, Tai Koo), me? I do not know how to observe archaic customs and I do not pray at Chinese altars.
 forgot too, sorry
 our desserts after out brunch
 so much to catch up...they are mostly talking about their shoulder/back aches and torn skin on their fingers...from doing so much housework...I do not share their woes......I HAVE A MAID!!!! hehehe
I do not do menial jobs.
so I just took their photos....
since my fingers are still beautiful and intact.

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      Map of Alexis Bistro & Wine Bar
  1. Alexis Bistro & Wine Bar
  2. Address: 303, Jalan Ampang, 55000 Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur Wilayah Persekutuan

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