Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fellowship Night 29 August 2014 at Escape Room, Mr Dal Galbi at Setia Walk

Alan wrote this on Facebook at Rotary page:

"Fantastic Fellowship at the Escape Room, Setiawalk 

followed by dinner at Dr. Dak Galbi korean restaurant. 

29thAug. Big TQ to OC PP Andrew Spowage. Fellowship 

also attended by Guest Govin..."

 Every end of the month we do not have a regular meeting, instead we have a "fellowship" and OC (organising chairman of fellowship) Andrew organised this for us....
 At Mr Dak Dalbi, a Korean outdoor and indoor dining at Setia Walk
 Before that we had to gather outside Fitness First, before Andrew will let us on "an adventure" we will never forget
 Rina, Andrew, Alan, Jack, Jenny, Govind the new potential member and guest, James and me...
 The adventure turned out to be the  Escape room! I had already guessed that, because I have brought my kids there! but Andrew would not let on, so I was conned to enter the escape....
they lost (Crime Scene)
Keep Calm Loser.....well, we lost too! (The Secret Lab)
BTW "she"  was near hysterics at the mortuary room!

 PP (Past President) Roland whom we had not seen for a long time joined us for the adventure.

Only kids like escape toom, I did not enjoy it

Anthony said, "36 ringgit, for what?"

Jenny and Govind liked the igloo
 Alan's famous selfie
 we adjourned next for outdoor Korean grub

 Mr Dakgalbi

 Ramen, dried noodle, vegetables, meat etc for frying
 these Bangladeshis will fry for you, they will chide us if we touch anything!
 IPP Barry, Winnie, Steven and President Jimmy
 well, they are taking a long time to cook for us!!! in the foreground you can see rice and seaweed
 at last! frying meat with some red chili paste and lots of vegs
 not done
 half done
 the seafood...but you cannot see anything, it has prawns, mussels, and sotong
 waiting to eat
me and Anthony, posing with our (uncooked) food
verdict of the food: not so special, the side dishes too, consisted of only salad, radish and kimchi
 I would rather have this type of Korean food..
with lots of free side dishes!!! and meat only! heheheh!
 Pic stolen from J's fb!
 Jace's mum treated her to this

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