Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Pn Jamaliah's Retirement

On the last day of the school term, my headmistress Pn Jamaliah, retired at the age of 58.
I had retired a year earlier than her.

Banner made by Chan Jun Hoe

this is the programme for the day

 these teachers say that since they can't get to own the car, they pose with the car

 Fauzirah's dream car

 the hall was so beautifully decorated it looked like a bedroom to me, you could lie down and have a restful sleep in it!

 most of us have retired: Pn Zamdah, me, Pn Jamaliah, Pn Rathi, except Pn Ng who is still teaching

 performance by the Upper six, my ex students

 they performed for me last year...Gangnam style!
 then we had to take photos with those awesome superbikes!!!

 the bikers will send off the headmistress

 lining up to send her off!

 wow!!! impressive, right?

 the driver of the send off car, the ustadz
 wow, gleaming new retirement car
 she's off!

 they are revving
 Bye!! Pn Jamaliah

 one more photo with my beauties
 and my ex- Form 6 teachers
 Pn Sharifah ..we miss each other a lot

 I met my old Convent colleague...we shared the same office for quite a number of years
 Pn Norizan who opted for early retirement

 must take photo with headmistress
 her her number lucky?

 the contingent

 the organiser, she also organised my farewell, that I enjoyed a lot!

 my PK Koko....with a bandana, he will be riding his superbike

Pn Jamaliah, being feted by the students....

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