Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fellowship Night with Kojima-san 7 August 2014

Kojima in front of his own building in Japan

Kojima came all the way from Japan for the Kajang Installation Night

 so we had a fellowship night with him

 Dr Ooi and his god father, Kojima, while Alan is busy on his phone....he had the audacity to say I cannot take good pictures whereas you can see from the way Dr Ooi and Kojima-san is beautifully posing for the pic that I did call them to be ready for the shot!
 Jenny and Vivian are camera-ready while Alan is on his phone again while Dr Ooi is hungry
 Anthony, Steven and Paramesh pose happily while I snap happily.
 Kojima is ready to give a talk with his translater, Dr Ooi
 He is donating  500USD  to the club

 Exchange of pennants

 His generous donation

 Exchange of pennants mean we are now sister-clubs

 Rajagopal with his daughter

 Vivian and Alan are all smiles

 Tonight's food is ala carte and I ordered crispy chicken salad

 Shiok cafe is well known for all sorts of chicken chops...this one Mexican, I think
 chicken rice
 Chivas Regal

 Dried Mangoes from the Philippine sister club visitors
 Since there were too little shots of me, I went round posing, this time with Paramesh
 Vivian wanted an alone shot with Kojima
She will be going to Tokyo for solo shopping
as she did not go with us to Fujisawa/Tokyo  on our last trip.

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